Corporate Travel

When it comes to your corporate travel management program, we can help your organization strike that essential balance between value and service - ensuring that your business travel needs are taken care of reliably and in a way that saves you valuable time and resources. Not only will we help you to seamlessly organise any business trips, but we can also assist in planning a travel spend budget and give you access to the latest in corporate self-booking technology.

What we can do for your corporate travel needs

  • We offer a comprehensive set of tools to monitor and reduce travel spend - in real time
  • We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week - that's good news if you've lost your passport or you're about to miss your connecting flight
  • Easily create, communicate and enforce travel policies to avoid ambiguity and non-compliance by your employees
  • Traveller support for your team, in over 60 countries abroad
  • Competitive and flexible fee structure to suit your budget

How you benefit from our world class booking technology

  • We use various Global Distribution Systems which means access to the widest and best rates available
  • Our access to world-wide, real-time booking systems means we do the hunting for you
  • Corporate self-booking tools for you and your team if you prefer the DIY option without the risk
  • Weekly, monthly and annual stats on your business travel spend allows you to budget and manage expenses
  • Mobile apps for people on the move
  • Easy and effective back-office integration and automation
  • We're always on - a high availability hosted email solution that guarantees 99.9% uptime, 3G failover internet connectivityand dedicated IT support

Get in touch to find out how we can optimise your corporate travel management program today.


We are a BEE Level 4 operation