Holiday Packages

Embassy Travel has been creating dream holidays for over 50 years. From luxury Indian Ocean island stays and cruises, to exotic tours in Thailand and honeymoons in Las Vegas, our specialist leisure travel consultants are experts at making dreams come true.

Whether you are looking for a fully-inclusive, ready-made package or to create your own tailor-made, unique experience, our team is ready and able to assist.

We'll take care of all the finer details, including flights, car hire, forex, travel insurance, visas and even your restaurant bookings; all while providing lesser known destination-specific information and making sure you get the package most suited to your specific needs.

Why you should use a travel agency

  • We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If any unforeseen events or unfortunate circumstances force you to change any of your plans, you'll have our backing to make alternative arrangements for you. Which is good news when you've just lost your passport or are about to miss your connecting flight.
  • You'll receive expert advice from consultants who have done some extensive travel themselves.
  • A recent international survey of 2000 travellers found that it took an average of more than 5 hours to book travel online. If you take your time and multiply it by your hourly rate, it makes that trip pretty expensive, doesn't it?
  • 60% of local travellers and 40% of international travellers change their flights. At a cost of anything from R450 to R3000 per change, it makes sense to use a travel agent that's got connections to get that change done free of charge.
  • We'll give you 3 quote options: cheapest, most flexible and direct.
  • Passport and visa advice will be given quicker than it takes the customs official to stamp your book.

Make sure you make the most of your hard-earned holiday by contacting Embassy Travel today.